Which Coffee Maker?

which coffee maker

Before you go out and spend any of your hard earned cash on a new coffee maker, you really need to think about what type of coffee you actually like to drink. Do you like it frothy enough to leave a creamy moustache? You like it just hot and black? Do you like it short yet strong enough to stand a teaspoon upright in it? which coffee maker you should pick? It does make a big difference to the type of coffee maker you should go for. I know that many of us can’t function without at least 3 cups in the mornings, and that’s before we’ve opened our eyes.


Sound a bit continental don’t they? That’s because they are. They’re not really coffee machines as you might think of it, they’re just the glass type with a plunger and a wire filter. They’re good for making the right amount of filter coffee if you don’t want too much, and you can easily take them to the table too.

Filter Coffee Machines

 Come in many different styles and sizes. They’re very easy to use (idiot proof is always a good idea as far as I’m concerned). The water gently drips through the ground coffee into a carafe below. There’s a hot plate which keeps it nice and hot for whenever you need a top up – coffee on tap, sounds good to me.

Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Makers

 These are great for making “frothy coffee”. There are two basic ways of making that perfect frothy coffee, one type of machine uses pressure, boiling the water in a chamber to build pressure and therefore steam, the other type is called a pump machine which has a separate tank with a thermostatically controlled boiler – these are generally a bit more pricey.

Apart from selecting which coffee maker to pick, one of the keys to making the perfect cup of coffee, apart from the coffee maker of course, is the coffee which you use. Bear in mind that coffee soon loses its freshness so don’t buy a year's supply just because it’s on special offer, a sackful won’t taste half as good when you start to get down it. Buy your coffee little and often and store it in an airtight container (out of the sunlight) to keep it as fresh as possible. You can even keep it in the fridge if you’re not going to use it within the week. Always use fresh water in your coffee maker and de-scale it 2 or 3 times per year, depending on how much you use it, to keep your coffee tasting good.Also dont forget to read our coffee maker review.


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