Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

The stainless steel coffee mug keeps getting more popular every day. On your drive to work you’re likely to see them gracing the cup holders of the fanciest vehicles. At work, it would not be out of place to see a stainless steel coffee mug on an executive’s desk. What makes them so popular, and how do you go about become part of this club?

Features Of Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

The secret to the success of the stainless steel coffee mug is both in its construction and style. If you look closely at the best mugs, you will find that they have a double wall construction. The two layers will have a vacuum between them, which makes for an excellent insulator of heat. The translation of this means that the coffee mug will keep your hot drinks hot longer. Since its the vacuum that’s responsible for the superior heat insulating properties, you want to be sure that the stainless steel coffee mugs you’re considering have this feature.

The other appealing construction characteristic of stainless steel mugs is not such a secret – they’re practically indestructible. You could probably drop one from orbit and still use it. After pulling it out of the small crater it would have made, of course. Any plastic parts would be toast, though. This is an important consideration, actually. The amount of plastic used in the mug will give you some idea as to the overall quality. While plastic may be nice for design accents, you want to be sure it’s securely attached and will not fall apart after a few uses or runs through the dishwasher.

 Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

​Stainless steel coffee mugs also come up a winner on the style front. There’s something very appealing about the look of brushed stainless steel. When you combine this look with the logo of your favorite sports team, you can have something you’re really proud of. There are some companies who will even print your own custom design on your mug. This is a great idea for company gifts, gifts for mother’s day or father’s day, or just a little something for yourself.

​You’ll also find many designs that have a rubberized texture around the handle or on the mug itself. This can help with heat insulation and from grabbing parts of the mug that may be too hot.

​Drawbacks of stainless Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

As with anything, there are one or two down sides to the stainless steel travel mug. For one, you can’t just pop it into the microwave to reheat your coffee or tea. That would result in damage both to the microwave and to any of the rubber or plastics on the mug. For another, you need to be careful about putting them in the dishwasher. Poorly made versions may actually have small holes that were not covered during manufacture. In the dishwasher, the areas these holes lead to will likely fill with water and the next time you use that mug you will have an unpleasant surprise in your lap.

Finally, you can sometimes find odd and unique variations of the stainless steel coffee mug. I once found one of these mug that had a propeller built into the bottom, which would spin when you pressed a button on the handle. This is a neat trick for stirring your coffee, but not very practical in the long run as you would have to replace batteries, couldn’t put in the dishwasher, and the motor would likely fail before too long.


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