Coffee Travel Mug

Coffee Travel Mug

If you’re like me then you have more than one coffee travel mug sitting in your cupboard. Way more. If it was easy to find a good one, then we wouldn’t need to collect so many, right? Well, sometimes they come in as well meaning gifts, but still – if there was one superior design there wouldn’t be a need to fill.

Unfortunately, the coffee travel mug that holds the strongest memory for me is the one that was hardly able to do it’s job at all. It was also one of the first ones that I had that had some sort of mechanical apparatus that was supposed to make it work better. Up to this point the travel mugs I used were the simple pop-on top with the indented hole towards the edge. More of a glorified cup that you routinely get from the coffee shop, actually.

But back to the story of this particular cup, it had (has? is it still in my cupboard?) a slider mechanism built into the lid that neatly closes over drinking hole. The lever for the mechanism is the the opposite side of the drinking hole with the pivot in the middle. It’s rather ingenious, actually as to make it work they had to sandwich several pieces of plastic together to make it all work.

And therein lies the potential for disaster. You see, having a mechanism like this with plastic sandwiched together creates convenient spaces for hot, sticky liquid to hide. This doesn’t seem to be the best idea for a coffee travel mug. As the unsuspecting drinker put the cup up to their face, ready to enjoy some yummy goodness, a small stream of steaming, caffeinated drink leaps onto the chin. Just below the expectant mouth, and down over the shirt and onto the lap.

Not a pleasant experience at all. So that’s one design you should avoid. What else? How about another feature of this poorly designed mug? It has a base that’s designed to fit into most car cup holders. But it flares out dramatically above the cup holder, making it quite top heavy. It doesn’t take much vehicle movement to send it toppling.

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Coffee Travel Mug-Things To Consider

So there are a couple of considerations when looking for your idea coffee travel mug. You might be tempted just to go with one that looks nice. Still you really need to be sure that it will also be functional and not surprise you by sending hot drink onto you at the worst possible moment. But then, when is a good moment to have hot coffee dumped on you?

Actually, here’s an idea: how about a coffee travel mug whose base adjusts to fit the size of your cup holder? That would be great! Because the other big problem is when you have cup holder that will accommodate large cups, but you cup has a really small base.

​It’s worse than not have a special mug at all because you have a false sense of security. But the mug is likely to topple over at any time.

​Alright, time to start cleaning out that cupboard.


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